2022 has arrived with a bang as lockdown restrictions were lifted for riders and visitors. We have had several new foals arrive from our imported mares and stallions., Amaretto. Limoncella, Aquarius and Starman arrived safe and sound and will now start their foundation training which involves lots of love and some halter work. It’s ironic as we also ran a haflinger classification where we presented our 3 and 4 years that were bred from some of our foundation mares and our imported stallions. These mares will also start their ridden training and start some introductory training at our events. We are very pleased with these new mares knowing that some of our most loved foundation mare bloodlines are still here.

We ended with a Club Day Christmas Ride with Nic Chipperfield and Jonathan Angeli. Our next events are Sam Lyle and Jess Somerfield, Jonathan Angeli and Jacqui Winspear and Jump in the Vines with Charlie Brister and Rebel Morrow. Check out and enter our events on www.nominate.com.au under equestrian events.

In contrast with our last couple of years with drought and fire, everything is growing and we are mowing. Not complaining and we really hope that El Nino stays away for a while. We are looking forward to welcoming some of our overseas workaway riders again and getting some of our horses out to events again. Hope to see you all out and about and at our events.

If you are still looking for a weekend away with your horse and friends. Book in for a Ride & Stay. Send us an email or book in with the Contact form on our website. You can book in with just a few friends or a larger group.