Stallion Artus Cuddle
Fernances Creek


Looking outwards to the rest of the world from the Farm, increases the gratitude I have for everything and everyone around me. From
the beauty of the valley that cradles us each morning when we wake up to the tight knit community of Laguna and Wollombi,I feel grateful to be here. We have our dosage of social media each day
indicating when the lockdown will be lifted. That pretty much maps out our week and what activities will happen on the farm.

As much as we would love to dash out and do some shopping and meet up with friends, we are making the best of the resources we have and getting on
with life.

It’s breeding season here at Fernances Creek. Our mares Serenity, Lima, Skarlett and Logan will be foaling soon. Serenity will foal in the next day or
so. We are already receiving messages from last years clients that Spartacus foals have been born and photos of previous year fillies and colts that are blossoming
into beautiful horses. Both stallions Artus and Spartacus are looking superb. Our two young colts, Adorno and Noecello are 18 months old
and are maturing. Unsure which will be gelded, we will wait and see,

We are getting on with paddock and course improvements. Paul busies himself with tractor work, wood chopping and general maintenance which keeps him busy
and sane in these crazy times. The BnB’s are  on hold during the lockdown so we are finishing off some building projects and other things that cannot be done when
guests are here.

We have been on a few bush bashes up to the Stone Wall and around the hills with the horses. We also managed to take Artus to a dressage competition before
the lockdown as well as attend a dinner party. I must say, it was lovely spending time with people and not having to eat my own cooking. As much as I
love to cook, having a chef prepared dinner was wonderful.

I am working on some new paintings and have entered a few art competitions just for fun. We have a few young horses to work with and I am starting to work on a
new cookbook. The main activity in the next couple of months will be breeding outside mares, planning for the Haflinger Classification in October and planning
some horses events for the Riding Club.

We are Just trying to focus on some positive aspects in life and navigate our way through these crazy time and remain grateful that our family is together on
the farm.