The past few months have gone by in a whirlwind of activity. We have hosted some grading days and Squad Development Clinics for Pony Clubs, These events were exciting

for us as the caliber of riders and horses attending were so amazing. The range of ponies and horses were really diverse and jumped with gusto on the showjumping and cross country courses.

There were lots of lovely campfires in the evenings with parents and kids enjoying and relaxing.


Our own events featured coaches Jess Rae & Jonathan Angeli earlier this year and then with Belinda Bailey in April. We introduced our first Dressage Protocol Days this year with judge Ginny Stubbs. It was well received and we are looking forward to our next dressage day.

Coming up in June 19-20th is our Winter Clinic with Jess Somerfield and Belinda Bailey. You can enter this event and read all about these fabulous coaches on Nominate:

This is always a great clinic to come to if you want to prepare for your next event, bring a new horse or just have a great social time. Entries are already filling so get your entries in on the link above.

Haflinger Events

We are holding an official Australian Haflinger Breeders and Sporting Association Classification Day on October 23rd. This is a day when breeders and haflinger owners bring their young mares and colts to be assessed by

Haflinger Classifiers. These are always exciting as we get to catch up with other haflinger owners and see how their horses are developing. This year Fernances Creek will present three young mares to the classifiers.

Ride & Stay Bring your horse on a holiday.

Last year Fernances Creek opened up their facilities up so small and large groups could bring their horses and Ride & Stay with us. Groups can choose to book the Cottage, the Clubhouse and/or camping areas for a 2 day stay with their horses. The Ride & Stay package provide access to the the cross country, showjumping and dressage areas and some trail riding around the property. It is open to EA insured riders and includes yards and some paddocks. Whether you are a couple of friends wanting a luxury stay in the cottage or a group wanting a more rustic stay in the Clubhouse or camping, there is something for you. We only allow dogs in the Clubhouse and they must be on leads. Bookings are subject to availability on Airbnb. If you want to book a Ride & Stay, book your accommodation and then contact us so we can organise the horsey part of the package. In addition to the accommodation, there is a charge of 45.00 per horse per day. This includes a yard.

The Clubhouse:

The Cottage:

Haflinger Horses

This year we had a surge of people interested in our horses. Normally people have wanted horses that are broken in and ready to go but now people are looking for young horses that can grow up with the family and undergo some training at home. We have also sold a few of our foundation mares to people that just wanted a nice trail ride or light performance. Some of these horses have been with us for 20 years and it was hard to part with them. It is nice to see them being ridden and loved by other families.

We are very excited to see out 2021 foals this year, We have some Artus and Spartacus foals due in October. All of the mares are looking a little pregnant but healthy. So far the weather has been mild and we still have green grass in May with little frost on the ground.


I am still enjoying the freedom of painting with colour and I am still taking a few commissions. If you have seen my paintings and love colour and vibrance, send me a photo of your horse and maybe a landscape that you love and I will create a custom painting for you. In addition to horses, I love to do modern/contemporary landscapes.

Hillend Sofala Secret Valley