t’s been a hell of a year for all of us in Australia. Covid and 2 floods under our belts already. The flood in March-April was severe as we had high winds as well as lots of rain. Fencing was destroyed and a few of our cross country jumps floating down the paddock when the creek came up. The paddocks of course had a lot of water but the horses were not really affected by the water. The flooding from this past week had a lot more water and the damage was contained to the causeways, creeks and some fencing. Again, the horses were not affected as they can all get to higher ground with food and drinking water, We have had one horse present with a sore foot which it probably an abscess and I suspect this issue is widespread. We have lots of work to get things back where they should be but the people in Wollombi, parts of Laguna and the wider Hunter Valley have really copped it badly. People and animal rescues have made front page news in NSW. The generosity of people is something beautiful to behold. From today, the weather is improving and we are still planning on holding our Winter Clinic July 30-31 with Charlie Brister and Jess Somerfield and probably some impromptu training days for our regulars. I mentioned Downward Dog, this is much needed exercise as we have been stuck indoors for so long. With bouts of baking and cooking (when the power or generator was on) , we will surely get some exercise with all the cleanup. My thoughts are with all of those affected by the weather and it certainly has us considering what our forward plans and projects will be.