Hello Everyone,
As of Monday, Fernances Creek will be out of lockdown and we are ready! I won’t elaborate on our Lockdown Blues but we are looking forward to seeing our friends again and welcoming peopleback to the farm again. Paul’s birthday is Monday and we are looking forward to just going out again,
The HorsesIn spite of the lockdown, things have not stopped here. It’s our haflinger breeding season and the stallions have a full dance card of visiting mares and some of our own.Both Artus and Spartacusare in fine form and their prodigy has started to arrive. About 4 weeks ago Amaretto arrived in the early hours, he is out of Serenity and Artus. Just last week Limocella arrived, also in the early hours. The little filly is out of Lima and Spartacus. I know what you are thinking, why Italian liqueur names? The haflingers originated in northern Italy and we have a love of all things Italian. We also have a coltcalled Noecello so now we have The Three Italians! We are expecting two more foals, one as early as next week. If you follow our Facebook pages, there will be plenty of foal spam and photos.
Our old gelding Nutella has gone to a forever home in Victoria. He is 16 and still has lots of life and will be well loved. He was our primary stallion for many years and has given us many wonderful off-springover the years. He will be ridden and loved by his new owner.
Our 2 year old colt Adorno has also gone to a new owner. The wonderful thing is that they are keeping him as a stallion and are going to become new breeders. We are so happy about this and welcome themto the haflinger breeder family. We have been doing it for 30 years so it is great to see some new people in our circle.
The Dogs
If you follow us on Facebook, you will know that Old Max of 16 yo passed away. We adopted him and then discovered that he liked to hitchhike. Max would go out to the road and stand there until someone picked him up. We would soon get a call that someone had our dog or we would see him on the local Facebook page up at the pub. We picked him up in Wollombi, Laguna, Cessnock and he even made it to Sydney,We know that Max was rescued from a home in Sydney and then brought to the Central Coast where we adopted him from a lady that said he kept going out to the road. He had about 30 acres to run in so we thought it odd but the penny did not drop until the first time he hitchhiked, We have 200 acres and by Australian standards that is small but we thought it was enough land for a dog to run. We were wrong, Max was the Red Dog before it was a movie. After a few years, he settled down until we lost him a couple of weeks ago.
Ari our little foxie is still going strong and now that Max is gone, we are going to get another foxie to keep him company,
Equestrian Events
We are running 3 events in November.1. November 13th- Breakout Event with Jess Rae and Jess Somerfield and Somersby Equestrian is also hosting a day on November 14th. There are still some places onwww.nominate.com.au under events for November 14th but I would book now as they will go.
2. Haflinger Classification November 20th
3. Christmas Ride and Lunch with Nic Chipperfield and Jonathan Angeli on December 11th
We want to end 2021 on a good note so looking forward to these events.

The B&B
The Back Forty Solar Cottage is coming alive again with bookings and we have added a new pergola and jetty to the little dam and a new side deck.Hop onto AirBNB to look at bookings. The local Great Northern Trading Post and the wineries will be open and it makes a great getaway.
The Clubhouse and Ride and Stay
The Clubhouse will also be available and if you own your own horse and are and Equestrian Australia member, you can bring your horse here for the weekend with friends and ride on our cross country course.

Well everyone, this is all I have time for but checkout our Website and Facebook pages for photos and more news.
Sending love and positive thoughts to all of you.
Sharon Groveswww.fernancescreek.com.au