Put your 2019 breeding plan into action and book your mare in with Spartacus or Nutella. Breeding starts in September and finishes mid-January.

There are a variety of options with the stallions available to match the mares and breeding objectives in Australia. First look at the conformation of the mare that you will be breeding with. Is it a heavier mare and on the small side or a taller, finer mare that you wish to add more bone without increasing the height? Maybe you have a beautiful looking mare but are not totally happy with a part of the confirmation like the head, legs or hind quarters or even colour. Of course there is no guarantee with breeding but you can try to visually match a stallion to your mare based on these considerations. Consider what the end use of horse will be and what size horse and build you are after. These range from a taller(15.1-15.2), finer more athletic type to a heavier and smaller type (up to 14.2 to 14.3). Look at the off-spring of the stallion that you choose. Do you like the colour, the head, the height and the build? If you breed with this horse, will it improve the off-spring of the mare you a breeding with? Another very important aspect of selecting a stallion that is sometimes overlooked is temperament.