Only 3 weeks until Spring in the Vines! Looking forward to catching up with Robert Stewart and Jade Findlay. The courses are looking great, although I still have 15 SJ poles left to paint. We are so excited to see the foal from Lima x Artus. Most of the foals are due in November but we have 1 Spartacus foal due later this month. Hoping for some follow up rain to keep the paddocks looking fantastic and hoping it goes further afield to the farmers that need it

Join us at Spring in the Vines or 1 or 2 days with Robert Stewart and Jade Findlay. Bring your new horse, prepare for a competition or just come for a social weekend. There is gourmet food, camping, yards and a beautiful location and over 80 jumps for your horse. There are junior and adult places. Both Robert and Jade can help you achieve your goals or help you with any issues may have with your horse or riding Enter Here: