Equestrian Facilities, Fernances Creek, Hunter Valley

Preparations are in full swing for our last event of the season, The Christmas Derby, Sixbar and Lunch at Fernances Creek. The courses are made, the clubhouse is ready and the lunch menu is planned. Even the weather is shaping up to be good.

This is our very first fun competition and we are so excited to welcome the riders and their families and friends.  We welcome Sylvia Gordon as our on-site instructor and Kelley Jones our EA Showjumping judge. Besides our normal competition, we have a special haflinger prize. We even have a couple of haflingers in the sixbar!  We have three heights for this Derby Encourager, Newcomer and Introduction. Next time we will offer pre-novice heights for our more advanced riders.

Today we got the prizes ready and took a few snaps of the horses in costume. The foals were especially friendly. We have 5 haflingers entered into the Derby. These are all young gledings in the cross country with the exception of one so it will be very interesting to see how they go. Our stallion Spartacus will be doing the 6bar showjumping ridden by Mimi Guyot. The young geldings will do cross country and our wonderful little Aragon will be doing cross country and 6 bar ridden by Jordan Proctor.

We will post the results here after the event, so keep watch



Photos and more news after the event this Sunday!