For the last 16 years, we have bred with our stallion Nutella. He has produced many wonderful offspring, many with great temperaments and athletic abilities, ranging from trailhorses, cart and buggy to showjumping and trick riding. Last year we gelded him to make way for our new, modern type stallions Spartacus and Artus and to produce a slightly taller horse to suit taller riders wanting to compete. Also riders wanting something around 15 hands that can do multiple disciplines but not wanting to go to a warmblood or thoroughbred.

Before we gelded him, we bred him to one of our favourite modern type mares Serenity. In true Nutella fashion, she produced a colt! Exclaiming that his bloodline would not be ended and this wonderful colt Nocello would carry on. Sure enough, he was a standout from the time he was born with a beautiful copper coat anda kind, inquisitive nature. He has no white markings on his face and a black muzzle which is great against the Australian sun.

He has been running with his young brothers Adorno and Aiden pretty much non-stop since they were born but today we separated them while doing chipping and shots so we locked him in a stable with full sized rails.

Today he showed us something else! He wanted to get back to the others, so he stood still and launched himself over the tall fence. He did not scramble, he jumped! As soon as he was back with the others, he came straight up to me and put his head in my hand. He is unflappable and a really chilled dude so we think he is stallion material. He is already growing tall at 14 months but we will wait until he is three and presented at classification to know for sure.

Anyway, here is a little photo and video of Nutella, the Old Guard and Nocello the Youngster.

Nocelle 14 months

Nutella Video